Welcome to CrimsonQuills.com

This site is home to all of Nix's fan fiction and...er, not much else, really. But the fan fiction is the important part.

Be aware that nearly all of the fan fiction on this site is slash (i.e., focused on a romantic relationship between two male characters) and that a large portion of that contains explicit sex. Of course, if you've found this site, chances are you knew that already. There is some gen fic and an even smaller amount of het, so all stories are marked with their genre and pairing (the fourth line in all story listings). If you fail to read these and stumble upon something you don't like, it's your own fault.

If you like what you see here and want to read more fic sooner--that is, before I dig up the time to archive it--or if you're vaguely curious about this author and want to know more about me, check out my LiveJournal. Said journal is by no means limited to posting of fic and fannish things. I babble and bitch there about work, life, politics, books and movies, and other things as well. But there is a lot of fannish content, since I do a lot of fannish things.

And now...enjoy the stories!