Community Building

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

"We need a house," Steve announced.

Tony looked up from the blueprints he'd spread out on the floor. Steve was watching the TV, not looking at him. "Why would we need a house?"

Steve turned to look at him, expression concerned. "We're completely divorced from people up here, Tony. It's impossible for a neighbor to drop by, or for us to be a part of things that build a community."

Tony was pretty sure that they didn't want to encourage people to 'drop by' their home, considering some of the enemies they'd made, but he wasn't about to say so. "Things that build a community?"

Steve waved at the TV. "Like trick-or-treating."

Tony looked at the screen; a news program was running a segment on Halloween. They were currently advising parents to check their children's candy for razor blades and needle marks. He suspected the irony was lost on Steve. "Children can trick-or-treat here."

"In Avengers Tower?" Steve replied dryly.

"The Young Avengers have headquarters here, too."

Steve laughed. "They aren't that young."

Tony grinned. "They still run around in costume."

"Does that mean you and I should be trick-or-treating, too?"

"Knock on my door and I can promise you a treat," Tony leered.

Steve threw a throw cushion at him.