On Camera

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This was inspired by several of the prompts in my two anonymous porn prompt posts, but doesn't exactly fill any of them. Um. Sorry? Hopefully you folks enjoy anyway.

Stark Tower had security cameras in the bedrooms. They were as discreet as only Stark Tech could be--none of the Avengers would have known they were there if Tony hadn't told them--but they were there, and they were recording. It had made most of the new Avengers uncomfortable at first, but Tony had been very up front about the cameras, and they'd all been kidnapped (or had their loved ones kidnapped) out of their homes at least once, so they all recognized the necessity. After awhile the team got more comfortable together and they all accepted the unspoken understanding that none of them would look up the feeds for those cameras unless it was absolutely necessary.

Steve knew that he was the last person any of them would ever so much as imagine violating that understanding.

He'd been almost sick with guilt the first time he'd tapped into Tony's camera and watched him enter his bedroom from the bathroom, completely naked, towelling himself dry as he walked. They'd just come from a battle and Steve had told himself that he was worried Tony was concealing injuries, that he had only had Tony's best interests in mind, that no one would ever know or guess.

But the minute he'd laid eyes on Tony's body, he'd known he had been lying to himself, at least a little. His blood had surged through his veins, he'd gotten hard, and he'd been so mortified that he'd reached out to turn off the feed. Maybe he would have done it, too, except that Tony had proceeded to sprawl on the bed, on top of the covers, and jerk off with visible urgency.

Steve had frozen, finger on the disconnect for the camera, eyes fixed on the screen, so intensely aroused that it was painful. He'd remained there, unmoving, watching, until Tony finished, and after Steve had finally managed to switch off the monitor he'd fled to his room and lay on his bed for several agonizing minutes before giving in to desperate need and touching himself. He'd come almost immediately, hot heavy pulses that had torn a helpless cry from him.

The second time had been both easier and harder. Harder, because he had been under no illusions about his motives. Easier, because he'd already done it once before. In for a penny, in for a pound.

After that, it only got easier.

Steve had favorites now, dates and times that he went back to again and again, and he rarely bothered to leave the monitor room to satisfy himself. He had, in fact, gotten into the habit of bringing a gym bag with a towel and wet wipes and lube with him.

Today he wasn't expecting to get a live show, though he did check the feed, just in case. But the bedroom was empty, as expected. They were just back from a battle and Tony had commented that he needed to do a few repairs, so he'd be down in the lab, leaving Steve to work off the aftereffects of adrenaline in what had become his favorite way.

He unzipped the gym bag and set it down beside the chair before bringing up the search function and keying in a date and time. The screen promptly filled with the sight of Tony laying back on his bed, a pillow visible under his hips, lube and a dildo laid out beside him. Steve's breath caught in anticiption and he leaned back in the chair, not pushing down his sweatpants yet, just rubbing himself through the soft fabric. On the screen, Tony was fisting his cock, giving it long, slow pulls. Steve waited until Tony was jerking his hips up into his fist before pulling his own dick out and closing his hand around it. He didn't grip himself too tightly though, not yet. Instead he forced himself to stick to light, teasing touches, letting his need slowly build, until his muscles were tight with it.

He didn't reach for the lube until Tony did, eyes fixed to the screen as he fumbled the cap off, spreading slick liquid over his cock while Tony worked his fingers into his own body. Tony was biting his lip, his expression focused and intent as he loosened himself. He'd just picked up the dildo and was getting ready to slide it into himself and Steve was almost shaking in anticipation of the moment he'd really tighten his grip, when Tony's voice rang out from behind him.


Steve froze. Oh God. Hadn't he locked the door?

Apparently not, because Tony stepped past Steve and got an eyeful of both the screen--where his past self was now writhing enthusiastically, dildo pushed deep inside him--and Steve, his cock straining with arousal in his fist. For a moment Tony just seemed thunderstruck. Then he rounded on Steve, his expression fierce.

"Tony," Steve blurted desperately. "I-- This-- I--" Tony pulled his tank top off and Steve stumbled to a halt, staring. Tony shucked his jeans next, moving quickly, and oh God, he wasn't wearing any underwear, and his skin was visibly damp--he must have showered--and Steve still had his cock in his hand and he couldn't help it, he moaned.

Tony slid into his lap, legs hanging over Steve's thighs, hands gripping the back of the chair to keep himself in place, and he leaned in before Steve could scrape together two coherent words and kissed him. His mouth was hot and wet and real. It was so good that Steve let go of his cock in favor of grabbing Tony's hips and pulling him closer. The slide of skin on skin sent a bolt of pure heat through Steve and as good as it was to have Tony's weight in his lap, Steve wanted to touch him everywhere, and he couldn't do that if he was worrying about the man sliding out of his lap. So he wrapped his arms around Tony and held on and pushed the chair back from the bank of monitors and slid forward out it into a controlled sprawl onto the floor.

Tony made a startled noise and Steve pulled back to look at him for a moment. Tony's eyes were wide, but dark, and his skin had grown beautifully flushed. Steve knelt over him and laid spread hands on Tony's chest, touching as much as he can, just feeling the texture of Tony's skin and the shifting sensation of scattered hairs moving under the sweep of his hands. "Steve," Tony moaned, arching into his touch, eyes sliding shut, and Steve can't stop touching him, cupping Tony's shoulders in his palms, sliding his hands down strong arms, fingers finding the swell of bicep and hollow of his elbows, hands tangling briefly together before Steve was seduced by his flat belly and the points of his hips, and the ruddy arch of his cock, so much better in person than on the screen.

Steve wrapped his hand firmly around Tony's cock, tearing a startled groan and an eager thrust of hips from Tony. It felt good in his hand, hot and stiff, but as much as Steve was enjoying fisting Tony's cock, the way it made Tony writhe, hands clutching uselessly at the carpet, was even better.

"Steve," Tony gasped. "Give me more of you. I want you all over me."

"I," Steve said deliberately, letting go of Tony's cock and sliding his hands around to palm his hips, "have been watching you touch yourself for weeks now. It's my turn." He dragged his hands down Tony's thighs, fingers pressing in hard, dimpling the skin, and he could feel the muscles tensing and shifting.

Tony whimpered, a sound that went straight to Steve's gut and made him bite back a groan of pure hunger. "You want this," Tony managed. "You need it. I saw how much. How can you--" he broke off for a breathless moment when Steve cupped his knees and pushed his legs open. "How can you wait?"

"I'm not waiting." Steve pushed Tony's legs toward his chest, exposing him. "I'm getting everything I want." He leaned down.

"What are you--" Tony broke off into a high pitched cry as Steve laved his tongue over the delicate skin of Tony's hole. It was warm and smooth under his mouth. The musky scent had mostly been washed away by Tony's recent shower, but it was quickly growing stronger. Tony moaned "oh God" over and over again above him, the muscles in his thighs tightening and releasing under Steve's hands.

Steve slowed the motions of his tongue until Tony was almost holding his breath. He paused, and Tony moaned his name. Gripping Tony's thighs a little tighter, Steve pushed into Tony's body, fast and sharp. Tony cried out, his hips bucking, dislodging Steve. Steve gave him another wet, hot lick before thrusting his tongue back inside, pressing close to keep Tony's squirming from moving him, and slipped his tongue in and out of Tony over and over, heat pulsing through him at the slippery, liquid motion of it, the press of Tony's body against his mouth.

"Steve," Tony panted. "Steve, Steve, Steve!"

His voice broke and Steve had to stop and suck in a breath of his own, resting his forehead against Tony's inner thigh. His sweatpants, which he'd only pushed down just below his cock, rubbed torturously against him, too rough or too soft or just not enough and--

"Steve?" Tony said, still sounding breathless.

Suddenly Steve just couldn't wait anymore. He let go of Tony's legs and pushed his sweatpants off the rest of the way and scrambled up over Tony and kissed him, desperate and messy. Tony's hands cupping his face gentled it after a moment and Steve moaned into the kiss and rubbed against Tony, hips working urgently, grinding his cock into the hollow of Tony's hip.

One of Tony's hands left Steve's face and moments later he was lifting Steve's hand from his hip with slick fingers and guiding him down between his legs, where he was still wet with saliva. Steve broke the kiss for a moment to gasp desperately for breath as he pushed two fingers into Tony's body, feeling him stretch and open up.

"I need you," Steve managed, twisting his fingers, pushing them in deeper. "I want you so much, God, please."

"I'm here," Tony replied, voice rough. "I'm right--" his voice hitched as Steve worked a third finger into him "--here."

Steve kissed him again, hungrily, before pulling away to look for the lube. He found it by Tony's hip, the bottle on its side in a puddle of spilled lube, and snatched it up to hurriedly coat his cock. Tony had his legs wrapped around Steve's waist almost before he was done. Steve tried to go slow, but Tony was just so gorgeous laid out on the carpet, body shining with sweat, nipples tight and dark, his tongue flickering out to wet his lips, he couldn't hold back. He sheathed himself in Tony's body in one helpless stroke, and God, the way Tony arched beneath him and shouted only made Steve push in harder.

Hips pressed close against the curve of Tony's ass, Steve managed to hold still just long enough for Tony to groan and roll his hips, and then he let go, pulling out and driving home with powerful, rolling motions that felt like they started in his back and ended in his knees. Tony cried out, a simple, sharp, "Oh!" with every thrust.

"So beautiful," Steve gasped. "Want you... Want you all the time, God, constantly." Tony didn't answer, just moaned and squeezed his legs tighter around Steve. Feeling the heat pulsing through him grow more urgent, more immediate, Steve licked his lips and spared one hand from holding himself up to wrap it around Tony's cock. Tony made a choked, needy sound. "Come on," Steve urged him on, pumping Tony's cock in time with his own thrusts. "Come on."

Tony bucked into Steve's hand, voice catching in a high, breathy noise when he finally let go, coming, throbbing, over Steve's hand. Steve fixed his gaze on the slowly slackening pleasure in Tony's expression and buried himself in Tony a last time, coming with a shuddering, gasping exhalation.

Slowly, he slumped down next to Tony. They were silent while their breathing evened out.

"So," Tony said after awhile. "You come here often?"

It was such an obvious play on a bad pick up line that Steve had to laugh. He turned his head to look at Tony and found Tony grinning at him. He grinned back. "Pretty often, lately, but you're new."

"Mmmm." Tony stretched. "I think I'm going to become a regular, though." He shot Steve a sly look. "There are cameras monitoring this room, too, you know."

Despite his recent satiation, a bolt of heat went through Steve at the thought. "Can we take the recordings out of here?"

Tony chuckled, rolled onto his side, and kissed Steve softly. "Something can be arranged."