by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Tony paused in the living room of Avengers Tower. Steve stood by the picture windows, gazing out at the thickly falling snow. Tony knew it wouldn't be a record; he'd been monitoring the weather reports, in case the storm became dangerous and the Avengers were needed assist city and state officials. But it was still heavy enough to effectively shut down the city.

Stepping up next to Steve, Tony realized he was wearing a small smile. "I thought you didn't like the cold."

"I don't," Steve said quietly, still smiling. "But it's Christmas Eve, and all that," he nodded at the window, "is going to all but guarantee peace and goodwill in New York, at least for tonight." He turned to face Tony and slid his arms around Tony's waist. "I'm tempted to give your present now, just in case our luck doesn't hold."

"Some traditions allow one present to be unwrapped on Christmas Eve," Tony said, fondling the buttons on Steve's shirt.

Steve laughed. "I'm not a present."

Tony pouted. "Does that mean I can't have you?"

Steve's grin softened. "That means you already do."