The Last Dance is for Me

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written for my Steve/Tony Porn Amnesty Day. This would have been posted yesterday, but I gave into the desire to write the set up out, instead of just referring to it. The prompter hit upon one of my own most wished for scenes. *g*

They'd been talking about it for months now. It was time, they were ready, the world was ready enough, and all their friends already knew. But after keeping their relationship secret for so many years, it had turned out to be unexpectedly difficult to put discretion aside and reveal themselves to the world. Steve had vetoed a simple press conference, and Tony had refused to give the paparazzi the satisfaction of outing them if they simply relaxed their guard against public demonstrations of affection.

Sitting at the Avengers table at a Maria Stark Foundation fundraiser, Tony fingered his glass of gingerale and watched the couples on the dance floor and sighed.


Turning, Tony smiled reassuringly at Steve, seated two places around the table from him. "Hey," Tony said. "It's okay. I'm just...envious."

Steve's expression softened, his hand twitching like he wanted to reach across the table. "We'll get our chance."

"Eventually." Tony sighed again. "If we wait to pick the right moment, it'll probably never turn up. We both ought to know that by now."

"I'm not treating our personal life like news," Steve said firmly. "Ordinary couples don't have to have press conferences about their relationships, and I'm not having one about mine."

"We're not--" Tony began, but he broke off when he caught sight of Peter forging his way through the crowd towards them. He was wearing a tuxedo, like Steve and Tony, but his camera hung from its strap around his neck.

"Hey guys," Peter said cheerfully. "Enjoying the party?"

"More or less," Steve said wryly. "What's up?"

"Not much," Peter replied, but he was grinning. "But it occurred to me that you might not remember that the Foundation hired me to handle photography for tonight."

Tony frowned. "Of course I remember. What does that have to do with anything?"

Peter rolled his eyes. "Exclusively." He gave Steve a significant glance.

Realization dawned. Tony looked over at Steve and saw the same startled look there. There was a long pause and then Steve slowly rose to his feet. Tony sat frozen, watching Steve step around Peter and come to stand in front of Tony. He held a hand to Tony and swallowed visibly. "Would you like to dance?"

"Yes," Tony breathed, his heart pounding in his chest, and took Steve's hand.

Steve led him onto the dance floor and pulled Tony into his arms, one hand settling at the small of Tony's back, the other clasping Tony's hand. Looking into Steve's eyes, Tony let out a shaky breath. He managed a smile through the attack of nerves. "Don't let me run into anyone."

"I'll try," Steve murmured, "but I think I might have a hard time taking my eyes off you."

A flush of warmth went through Tony. He relaxed a little, settling more closely into Steve's embrace, and then they were moving, Steve leading, sweeping them across the dance floor.

They'd danced before, in private, but this was different. There was space for long strides, for speed, for turns, together and at the end of Steve's hand. Tony found himself laughing, grinning at Steve as they flew over the dance floor together. Steve was a good dancer and Tony found that, held close against him, it didn't matter if he didn't know the steps, he knew the cues of Steve's body, knew how to follow his lead.

The music changed, and changed again, and Tony didn't care, he never wanted to leave this dance floor. It was everything he'd wanted: Steve's hands on his body, guiding him, Steve's warm gaze holding his, Steve's smile, their feet moving together, perfectly in sync. When Steve drew them to a halt at the end of another song, Tony didn't even think, just leaned in and kissed Steve. Steve pulled him close and kissed back, soft and sweet and light and beautiful and Tony felt breathless when he pulled away. "Take me home," he said, knowing how his gaze must be glittering, knowing the wave of gossip it would set off if they left now, and knowing it didn't matter anymore.

They left the party at something just short of a run, holding hands, grinning at each other, and made it home in record time, Tony's foot heavy on the car's accelerator, Steve's hand riding high on his thigh.

Safe in their bedroom, they peeled off the tuxedos a piece at a time, hands sliding over familiar skin tenderly, until finally there was nothing between them. Tony reached up and drew Steve down into a slow kiss. Their lips moved gently together, just the lightest pressure, the soft touch of tongue on tongue, a hint of shared breath.

Tony left his eyes closed for a moment after it ended, then opened them to Steve's warm gaze. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Steve answered, and Tony smiled and before he could ask, Steve said it again, because he knew Tony loved to hear it. "I love you. I love you." Tony laughed and pulled Steve up onto the bed with him and they sprawled together on top of the soft covers. "I love you," Steve said yet again, running a hand from Tony's hip up over his side and sliding it around to palm the space between his shoulder blades. "And everyone knows it now. Everyone."

Tony flushed and pressed close against Steve. "No more taking someone else to parties."

"No more keeping at least a hand's breadth between us," Steve added, and kissed him quickly.

"No more separate bedrooms on trips," Tony said, punctuating it with a kiss of his own.

Steve pushed Tony over onto his back and slid on top of him, settling between his legs. "No more not looking at you because I can't hide how much I love you, how amazing you are, how you make me want you all the time."

Tony flushed darker and stroked his fingers up and down the line of Steve's spine. "I want you now."

Steve smiled and reached for the bedside table drawer. He found the lube in its usual spot and Tony watched, rapt, as Steve coated his fingers. He still touched Tony the same way, like he was precious. Not always gentle, but always full of care. Tony closed his eyes and pressed his head back into the bed, losing himself in the feeling of Steve's fingers helping him relax and open. Hanging onto Steve as if he needed the grip to steady himself, Tony moaned and pushed into the slick pressure.

"Tony," Steve said after a few moments, withdrawing his fingers. "Up now," he tapped Tony on the leg.

Opening his eyes, Tony licked his lips and raised his legs to Steve's shoulders. Steve stroked the outside of his thighs while Tony settled himself, his gaze hot and focused. Tony watched him as Steve shifted his weight, gripped Tony's hip with one hand, steadied himself with the other, and slowly pushed into Tony's body. Tony's eyelids fluttered as Steve breached him, but he never looked away, instead drinking in the sight of Steve as he moaned and clenched his eyes shut against pleasure. He filled Tony with steady strokes, thrusting deeper and deeper until their bodies met, grinding close for a long, sweet moment.

Tony took a second just to enjoy the fullness of his body, the pressure of Steve within him, so hot and hard, before twisting his hips a little, just to feel Steve stirring him inside.

"God," Steve choked out. "The way you good."

Tony laughed, low and rich, and squirmed a bit more, just to see Steve's control falter, breath catching, hands tightening on Tony's hips but not stopping him. "You can move, too, you know."

"I would, if you'd stop distracting me."

Slowly, Tony drew one hand down his belly and curled it around his own cock. "Distracting?" he murmured, stroking himself slowly, long pulls from root to tip. "Me?"

"Shameless," Steve said, amusement in his breathy accusation. He pulled back and thrust into Tony again, dragging a groan from Tony.

"You like me that way," Tony gasped out.

"Yeah," Steve agreed simply, his movements growing stronger, until Tony rocked back and forth with the force of them.

"Love you," Tony murmured, fisting his cock in time with Steve's withdrawal and return, squeezing a little harder every time Steve's hips met the curve of his ass, sweetening the shocks of sensation that skittered over his nerves.

Steve paused, leaning in close, hands braced on the bed, to kiss Tony. "Always," he whispered against Tony's lips. He would have pulled away, but Tony curled a hand around the back of his neck and held him there.

"You're not going anywhere," Tony said, kissing him again. They didn't have much leverage, but between the two of them they got a little movement going, more of a slow grind than anything else. Their kisses grew messier, wetter, panting against each other's mouths. Tony cupped the curve of Steve's ass in his other hand, urging his movements on, helping him bury himself deeper, and the flexing of the muscle under his touch almost undid him.

"God, you feel good," Tony gasped. "Want to touch you all the time."

Steve's hot gaze locked onto Tony's own. "You can. Any time you want to."

Tony made an inarticulate noise and pulled Steve into yet another kiss, hotter now, more urgent. Tony tried to get closer, but they were already wrapped around each other. His clutching, needy movements drew a moan of pure desperation from Steve, taking Tony as deeply as he could without moving too far away. His control slipped away between one breath and the next, Steve's climax rushing through him, sweeping away the tightness of his hunger.

"Oh," Tony gasped as Steve's breath caught in the wave of completion. Tony writhed, rubbing himself wantonly against Steve's skin, driving himself over the edge with the firm, sweat and pre-come slick stroke of his cock against Steve's belly.

They lay curled together in the aftermath, careful of oversensitive skin, just watching each other and smiling. "Hey, Steve?" Tony asked eventually.

Steve continued to run his fingers through Tony's short, sweat damp hair. "Yeah?"

"Want to go out to a movie tomorrow?" Tony grinned.

Steve paused and grinned back. "It's a date."