by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written for my Steve/Tony Porn Amnesty Day. This actually satisfies two suggestions, I believe. *g*

Steve had been having a hard time working up to presenting Tony with his gift, but by the fourth time Tony pulled Steve's hand away from petting the trail of hair down his belly to the curly thatch around his cock and redirected it to his nipples, Steve was feeling a lot less hesitant. "Hang on," he said, breaking their kiss. "Hang on," he repeated, pulling back when Tony tried to resume the kiss. "I've got a present for you."

"Now?" Tony asked, raising his eyebrows and grinding against Steve a little.

"Yes, now. Trust me." Steve untangled himself from Tony and padded over to the dresser, where he'd tucked the little box away beneath some clothes.

When he turned back, Tony was sitting up on the rumpled bed, skin pink with arousal and cock standing up eagerly between his legs. He was gorgeous. Steve paused for moment just to look. God, he wanted to run his hands all over all that skin. He climbed back into the bed and handed Tony the box, feeling suddenly, ridiculously shy.

Tony gave him a bemused smile before lifting the lid of the box, pulling away the little square of tissue paper, and getting a look at the present within. He blinked. He reached into the box and hooked his index finger under the stainless steel chain, lifting out both alligator clips at once. "You bought me nipple clamps?"

"You like it so much when I play with them," Steve said, suddenly uncertain again. "But...I want to touch you other places, too. You don't...if you don't want them, I--"

Tony curled his hand around the chain and crawled into Steve's lap, straddling his legs. He rested his arms on Steve's shoulders and leaned in to kiss him, long and sweet. "I want them," Tony said when he pulled back from the kiss. He smiled. "I'm just trying to imagine you going into a sex toy store to buy them."

"I'm not that prudish," Steve said. He was absolutely not going to tell Tony that it'd taken him almost two hours of lurking in an alley by the shop before he'd been able to bring himself to go inside. He would have ordered them, but he wanted to make sure he was getting what he needed, and he didn't entirely trust the advertising on the internet, and store employees were there to help you. The young man who had helped him pick the set out had been reassuringly patient and polite, even if Steve had hardly been able to speak the whole time.

"Well," Tony said, drawing the hand clutching the nipple clamps back over Steve's shoulder. "Shall we try them out?"

Mouth going suddenly dry, Steve nodded wordlessly and took the clamps from Tony. Tony settled his hands on Steve's shoulders and hung on as he leaned back a little to let Steve get at his chest. Bending his head, Steve carefully pinched one of the little clamps open and settled it around Tony's left nipple. Tony hummed softly, so Steve put on the other one, too. Looking up at Tony, he had to clear his throat before he could speak. "Tighter?"

Tony licked his lips and nodded. "Yeah."

Slowly, Steve eased the little ring that tightened the clamps forward, stopping when Tony hissed suddenly. Steve backed the ring off a bit and looked up at Tony again. He was biting his lip, eyes half closed. "Too much?" Steve asked hoarsely.

"Not now," Tony breathed. "Do the other one." As Steve tightened the other clamp, Tony gasped and squirmed a little in Steve's lap, setting the chain swinging. "Oh, that's good," Tony managed. "This was a very good idea."

Steve let go of the second clamp and settled his hands on Tony's hips instead, leaning in to kiss him. He'd meant it to be quick, but Tony moaned into the kiss and deepened it, sucking on Steve's tongue hungrily. Steve pulled back after a couple of minutes, breathless, and drank in the sight of Tony, body tight, pupils blown wide, the light glinting off the steel chain. "Haven't you ever used these before?" Steve asked. He slid his hands up Tony's body, stroking his flanks, fingers finding the points of his shoulder blades, thumbs stroking through the coarse hair under his arms. Steve savored the side of skin under his hands, the changes in texture, in Tony's reactions. He shivered from some touches, leaned into others, twitched at still others, and every motion set the chain swaying, teasing the clamped nipples.

"I've used them on other people," Tony answered finally. Steve bent down and quickly licked one tight little nub, tasting steel. "Ahh! God, that's..." Tony trailed off for a moment, breathing heavily and clutching at Steve. "No one ever thought of them for me."

"They can't have been thinking at all," Steve muttered, pulling Tony close to kiss him again. The chain hanging from the clamps caught and swayed between their bodies, warm with acquired heat. "They're obvious for you."

"Not arguing," Tony said against Steve's lips. They sank into a kiss again, wet and messy, mouths sealed together. Steve swallowed Tony's whimpers of pleasure as their movements tweaked the clamps and slipped a hand between their bodies to grip their cocks, pressing them together, stroking them both, his other arm wrapped around Tony to hold him in Steve's lap through his squirming and rocking.

They came that way, pressed together, come slicking Steve's fist and painting their bellies. Tony sagged in Steve's arms after and Steve laid him carefully back on the bed. They both hissed--Tony in pain, Steve in sympathy--when Steve tenderly removed the clamps from Tony's swollen nipples. Steve propped himself up on one elbow next to Tony and rested a hand on Tony's chest, between the abused nubs. "Too much?" he asked, concerned.

"Mmmmm. No, not at all," Tony said languidly. He rested on hand on top of Steve's, tangling their fingers together. He smiled softly, eyes bright as he looked up at Steve. "Love you."

Steve relaxed and smiled back. "Love you, too."