by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Author's Notes: I haven't seen the second Mortal Kombat, and I have no intention of ever doing so. So this fic agrees with the first movie, but pays no attention to anything that happened in the second, or in the TV series.

Thanks to Niel for giving me the idea for the transition between the talking and the sex. *g* Many thanks to the IRC crew, Kalia in particular, for the encouragement.

I watched as the portal took him into a world where I could not follow. I watched him go after a woman he believes he loves. I had no idea it would hurt this much. I wonder how long it will take Johnny to realize that a relationship between him and Sonya will never work? They're too much at odds. She wants to be strictly self-reliant, and he feels like he has to protect her. It could take years for them to admit it. Both of them are that stubborn.

I wish I didn't have to wait. It hurts to not be able to stand at the side of the man I love and fight with him. I'm a God, but I can love. I think that Gods have an infinite capacity for love, greater than any mortal does. We have to, or we'd become monsters. And yet the love of a God is bound to be forever unrequited. Gods inspire worship and awe and faith, not desire.

After what seems like an eternity, but isn't, Johnny, Liu Kang and Sonya emerge from the portal once again. They're laughing, and Johnny has his arm around Sonya's waist. It's all I can do to force a smile onto my lips and congratulate them. Congratulate Liu Kang, in particular, for his victory.

"What do we do now?" the young Asian man asks, looking confused. I sigh inwardly. For all his strength as a fighter, Liu Kang has never and likely will never understand Mortal Kombat.

Johnny speaks up before I can. "Go home. We came, we saved the world, the tournament is over." He shrugs, and I grin a little at his casual tone.

Sonya looks a little incredulous. "What, you're just going back to making movies? Doesn't anything you experienced here make a difference to your life?"

"Why should it?" Johnny replies, taking his arm from around her. "No one back home can know about this. No one would believe us if we told them!"

"And you?" Sonya asks, turning to Liu Kang. "What will you do?"

Liu looks thoughtful. "I'm going back, to speak with my grandfather. When I lost my faith, I left a lot of important things behind. I need to go back, to learn."

There is a moment of silence, and then I stop resisting the temptation, and throw Sonya's challenge back in her face. "And you Sonya? What are you going to do? How will this change your life?" I can see that my question startles her. She hasn't thought about it. Johnny, on the other hand, looks surprised that I had to ask.

"She'll be staying with me, of course," he says.

Now Sonya just looked irritated. "You say that like it's a given," she says, her voice sharp.

"Isn't it?" Johnny looks at her, confused, and I can see that it isn't going to take months for them to figure it out after all. They're going to break up right here, hardly a day into their 'relationship'.

"I am not a kept woman!" Sonya says acidly. "I have my own life, Johnny Cage."

"I didn't mean...I just assumed..."

"That's your problem. You assume too much." Sonya turns and stalks away from the two men. She doesn't look back, although Johnny calls out to her.

"Let her go," I say, before I can catch myself. Johnny looks at me questioningly. "It would never have worked." I shrug.

"I thought I loved her," he says.

"That was quick," Liu says, his skepticism showing in his voice.

"Love sometimes happens that way," I say, and it only takes me a moment to figure out why I'm defending Johnny's feelings when I'm truly wishing that they weren't real. I've fallen in love in the same amount of time, after all.

Liu Kang gives me an odd look, so I glare at him and allow lightning to crackle in my eyes. With more than a little awe in his expression, Liu bows and hurries off. I grin. At least I haven't lost my touch. Looking over at Johnny, I can see that he is less than impressed and, for some reason, this pleases me as much as Liu's newfound reverence.

"Have a little respect, Johnny," I chide him. But he hears the amusement in my voice and just grins. I grin back and stand, intending to leave. There isn't much point in my hanging around, after all. Mortal Kombat is over. It's time for me to move on. But I hesitate. I don't want to leave Johnny yet. I have no reason to stay, but I don't want to go.

Still...there's nothing else to do here. So I reach inside myself, looking for the lightning that will take me away from this world. Suddenly my concentration is broken and I turn to see the cause. Johnny has grabbed my arm, and my movement brings us abruptly close together.

Very close.

I close my eyes against his gaze and take a deep breath. The smell of the sweat drying on his skin fills my nostrils and in that moment I think 'To hell with consequences! I can be out of here in an instant.' So I close the bare inch of distance between our lips and take his mouth with mine. It's not a gentle kiss. It's a rough, possessive kiss, because it will probably be the only one I'll get.

The lips under mine are still and unresponsive, so I break away, intending to leave before I can screw this up any more. Some God I am, unable to stir desire in a mere mortal.

"What the hell was that?" Johnny says, his nervousness showing under his bravado.

I cock an eyebrow at him. "If you don't know what that was, it's no wonder Sonya took off," I reply, keeping my tone amused.

"Oh, I know a kiss when I feel one," Johnny says, his eyes narrowing. "I just wasn't expecting one from you."

"Trying to predict the actions of a God?" I ask. "Ambitious." I can hear the harshness in my voice, and I know what it's covering up. Fear. It would be so much easier for me to leave now. To disappear and to hell with Earth and Johnny Cage. But this conversation is stirring as much hope in me as it is fear, so I stay.

"Actually, it's not that hard," Johnny says slyly. The next thing I know there are warm lips on mine, and my body takes over before my mind can interfere and I'm kissing him back.

He tastes good. Even better than he smells. Almost as good as he looks. I grip his hips tightly, pulling him closer. I feel his hands tangle in my hair and he deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I meet the slick invader in kind, and a quiet moan shivers through his body.

Johnny finally breaks the kiss, almost gasping for breath, and smiles mischievously. "I knew you were going to do that," he says.

I can't help but laugh and, just to keep him on his toes, I wrap the lightning around both of us and take us away from the island. When the crackling energy dissipates, we find ourselves in Johnny's bedroom. A quiet 'wow' is all he allows himself before he starts in on my clothes, pushing aside the robes with impatient hands. But before I can let myself strip him of his own garments, before I can allow myself to savor the touch of his skin, I have to ask a question.

"Have you forgotten Sonya so soon?"

Johnny understands the seriousness of the question and pauses in his exploration. "I wanted her only because I could not have you," he replies, and I take his word for it. For now.

He waits a moment to be sure I have accepted his reply, and then he bends his head and bites gently at the base of my neck. I grin, though he can't see it, because it's clear Johnny believes he will be the dominant partner in this encounter. Perhaps he will be, in the future. At the moment, I have some claiming to do.

I quickly remove and discard his garments, not even pausing for a caress. I want to see him, to feel him, completely. The hunger I can feel burning through my veins is like nothing I've ever felt before. It is intense, all consuming, and before its rush all my detachment is blown away like dust.

I push Johnny down on his bed and cover his body with mine, bending my head to bite less than gently at his shoulder, his chest and his nipples. I'm going to leave marks. I want him to get up in the morning and look at himself and see what we did together.

He must be enjoying the slight roughness, because he gasps and arcs into the touch of my mouth. His hands slide up my flanks and he grips my shoulders for a moment before sliding his grip down to caress my ass. I shift a little so that I'm propped up on one arm, my legs tangled with Johnny's, my cock pressed hard against his hip.

I place a hand on his chest and slowly draw it down his body, my fingers mapping the contours of his muscles. You wouldn't think it to look at him, the way he dresses and carries himself, but the man has a lean, hard body with the most beautiful definition I've ever seen. He stiffens with anticipation as my hand passes his waist, and I watch closely as I wrap my hand about his cock.

Johnny's eyes close and his hips rise up to meet my touch. He's wonderfully responsive, and I smile as the pleasure washes over his face. His mouth parts a little and he pants gently as I move my hand up and down the length of him, finding and exploring sensitive spots. I realize after a moment that I'm grinding my own erection into his hip.

This isn't the way I want to come. I want to come buried inside him, his tight heat gripping me. So I release him. Johnny makes a noise of near incoherent protest and reaches for me. I grin, knowing there is a touch of wickedness in it, and pin him to the bed with my body.

He doesn't seem to mind. Nor does he notice me rooting around in the drawer of the night table. He's too busy placing his own marks on my chest and neck. I gasp as he sucks hard on one nipple, and my hand closes about the item I've been looking for.

I give him a parting nip on the jaw and rock back to sit on my heels between Johnny's spread legs. My intent is clear to him now, and I place a questioning hand on one of his thighs. His answer is to bend his knees and open himself further, desire sparking in his eyes.

I kiss one of his legs gently and squeeze some of the lube onto my fingers. He pushes back immediately on my first tentative probe, so I quicken the pace. With two fingers inside of him it's all I can do not to plunge into him, to claim him with one stroke.

"Christ, Rayden, just take me!" he cries, and lust blazes through me. That cry destroys whatever control I had, and I jerk my fingers out of him and replace them with my cock in one searing stroke.

Johnny screams his satisfaction, and if there's a tinge of pain in his voice, it's soon overwhelmed by pleasure. I have to pause a moment to regain some measure of control, because I know that if I move now I'm going to come. I manage to wait a heartbeat, and then another, and then the need is too strong and I have to move.

I pull out of him slowly, and then plunge back. Johnny's hips rise to meet my thrusts, his breath coming in little gasps of pleasure. His hands are twisting in the bed sheets and I reach up and clasp his hands in mine. His grip is painfully tight, but it's okay, it's good because I'm squeezing him just as tightly.

All too soon Johnny cries out my name in ecstasy, his seed pulsing warmly between us. His scream of rapture and the muscles clenching about my cock are too much, and I come in a crashing wave of pleasure. I collapse atop him and for a minute our sweat and semen slicked bodies lay tangled together in the aftermath of our lovemaking.

Eventually, I pull myself from the embrace of his hips and go to the bathroom for a wash cloth. I clean us both up and toss the cloth aside, hesitating for an uncertain moment. I'm suddenly aware that we haven't spoken yet, haven't decided what this means.

Johnny cracks an eye open and mumbles, "Just get into bed, Rayden."

I grin. The talk can wait.