by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Johnny strode down the red carpet, grinning widely and waving to his fans. He loved movie premieres. He loved the crowds that showed up to see him, he loved mingling with other stars, and he loved walking down this red carpet towards a limo on his way out, as he was doing now. He slid into the back of the sleek black car and relaxed into the leather seat with a sigh. Life was good. Perfect.


Frowning at the thought, Johnny peered out the tinted window at the receding crowd once again. He'd been looking all evening, but had yet to see the face he was searching for. Of course, there was no reason he should come. Despite the prestige of a movie premiere, it was rather below him.

Even if the movie was entirely about Mortal Kombat.

Johnny grinned. His agent had been stunned when he walked into her office with a screenplay he'd written himself. Well, mostly himself. A couple of friends had helped him iron out the wrinkles, since he had no experience writing a proper screenplay. Details aside, she hadn't thought he'd had it in him.

His agent had loved the idea of him starring in his own screenplay, but it had been a hard pitch to the studios. After he'd written it, Johnny had realized that the whole plot wasn't all that original, despite it's being true. But he'd shrugged and polished it and hope the opportunity to flex the special effects muscle would win over the studios. In the end, it did.

Johnny was rather proud of the end result. He'd written the whole thing the way it happened, even leaving himself in a supporting role. He'd offered the lead to Liu Kang, but the man had just shaken his head and muttered something about blasphemy.

Of course, that was the whole point. Johnny was hoping it was blasphemous enough, or at least revealing enough, to get some attention. Specifically, Rayden's attention.

Getting the attention of a God, Johnny had discovered, was not easy. Praying didn't work (he tried it - felt like a fool but tried it), screaming didn't work (he'd tried that too, to relieve the frustration after the praying didn't work), and travelling halfway around the fucking globe didn't work either. He'd tried that and gotten soundly scolded by Liu Kang on lack of respect for his trouble.

The movie was his last resort. Johnny was hoping that few million people thinking about Mortal Kombat all at the same time ought to get someone's attention. They'd probably be pissed, but at least he'd have an in. Of course, it was beginning to look like that hadn't worked either. Johnny sighed.

The limo pulled to a stop and the driver came around to open the door for him. Stepping out, Johnny nodded to the man to indicate he could leave. Limos were nice for formal events, but Johnny wasn't about to buy one for himself. He preferred his cars a little sexier.

Fishing his keys out of his pocket, the star sorted through them to find his house key. The sound of someone politely clearing their throat caught his attention and he looked up to see a man, just a little younger than himself and incredibly pale.

"Yes?" Johnny asked, smiling a little.

"Mister Cage?"

"Yeah, that's me."

The pale man smiled brilliantly. "I'm James. I'm a fan," the man shifted on his feet, a little awkwardly.

Johnny smiled more broadly. "I always have time for a fan, James. What can I do for you?"

"Weeeeeelllll," James began, his awkwardness beginning to look more like nervousness. "I couldn't get into the premiere tonight, so I couldn't see you there and I really wanted to meet you so..."

"No problem," Johnny picked up after the faltering sentence. Glancing down at his keys, the star found the right one and slid it into the lock. He was beginning to get a bit creeped out. James had been waiting for him here. Outside his home. He opened the door.

"Wait!" James cried, reaching out and grabbing him by the arm. Johnny stopped, muscles tensing, ready for a fight. "I wanted to ask you a question." The grip on the star's arm tightened and drew him away from the safety of his home with a strength that seemed out of proportion to James' slender frame.

"If you let go of that arm, I just might answer it," Johnny said, his voice hardening a little.

James didn't release his grip. Instead he titled his head and smiled a little, not looking quite as nervous. Johnny tried to meet his gaze and found himself strangely unsettled. There was something...not right about this young man.

The thought had no sooner passed through Johnny's mind when he found himself thrown up against the brick wall of him home. The impact was so hard it knocked the wind out of him. He banged his head, pain shooting through his skull as he struggled to stay conscious. When his vision cleared, he was looking straight into bizarre, yellow eyes. James' eyes.

"What the hell are you?" Johnny exclaimed.

James laughed. Long, sharp fangs were visible descending from his jaw. "How do you feel about eternal life?" he asked, grinning. Not waiting for an answer, the vampire lunged down, sinking his fangs into Johnny's neck.

Johnny screamed.

The next moment, electricity crackled over James' form. All of the vampire's muscles clenched at once before he exploded into a cloud of dust. Gasping, Johnny raised his hand to his bloody neck and tried to stop the bleeding. He looked up to see his savior, knowing who it was already. Rayden.

"Well," he gasped, "If I'd known all I had to do was get attacked by a god damned vampire..." His eyes rolled back and he collapsed, unconscious, at the God's feet.


Johnny awoke in his own bed, the throbbing pain in his neck and the bandages swathing his head and throat immediately reminding him of the events of...before. Whenever that was. "Rayden?" he asked, wincing and forcing his eyes open.

"Right here," Rayden's rough, low voice said reassuringly.

"I feel like shit," Johnny complained, holding his head and sitting up.

Rayden grinned at him from where he sat on the edge of the bed. "You should. You got knocked on the head pretty hard and lost quite a bit of blood."


"Not as far as I can tell," the god answered. "I helped the healing along a bit. You ought to be fine a couple of hours."

"Thanks," Johnny said, before his pride could recover.

"For what?" Rayden asked, "Saving your life or helping the healing."

"For staying," Johnny answered, grinning. "I'd have hated to have gone to all that trouble and then miss you."

"Please tell me you didn't go looking for a vampire." Rayden said, looking pained.

"No! No, I mean the movie and...well, that's not important. What's important is that I've been trying to get your attention for months."

"Really?" A small smile played over Rayden's lips.

"Yeah, really," Johnny confirmed, wondering if it was the knock to the head that had him hearing hope in Rayden's voice. "So, what was it that finally got your attention."

"That would be the scream of pain," Rayden said, looking vaguely upset.

"Well, you have very good timing," Johnny said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and stopping when he got a little dizzy.

"If you're going to insist on standing up," Rayden said, "at least let me help." Johnny made no attempt to protest, instead shamelessly enjoying the arm Rayden put around his waist to help him stand. He wasn't that weak, but he wasn't about to complain either.

The two of them made their way to the bathroom, where Johnny peeled back the dressing on his back and stared with morbid fascination at the two small puncture marks. Rayden stood behind him, hands on his hips to steady him. The mortal poked at the tender flesh around the wounds.

Rayden abruptly flashed back to the scene he'd witnessed out front of Johnny's home. The vampire bent over the blond man. His face, screwed up in pain. His screams. A bolt of remembered panic went through the God, his hands tightening abruptly on Johnny's waist.

Johnny looked up quickly, meeting the God's gaze in the mirror and catching the fear there before it could be banished. "Ray?" he asked, concern coloring his voice, and turned to face him.

"Why were you trying to get my attention?" Rayden asked, not lifting his hands from where they rested on Johnny's hips, though the injured man was steady enough on his feet.

"Why did you look frightened just now?" Johnny asked quietly.

Rayden paused, looking into the blond man's eyes for a long moment. "Same reason, I think," he murmured, and pulled Johnny closer, leaning forward to capture his lips.

The mortal kissed back hungrily, quickly deepening the tentative kiss. Reaching up, he grabbed fistfuls of Rayden's robe and pulled him closer. The god seemed a little startled at the sudden intensity of the caress but simply threw himself into it. Johnny stroked Rayden's lips with his tongue, asking entrance and receiving it. He moaned a little into the kiss at his first taste of the other man.

They finally had to break apart, both of them panting, neither releasing any touch but the lips. "I thought I'd lost you..." Rayden murmured, remembering again.

"I did lose you," Johnny said. "I lost you for six months."

Their lips met for another kiss, neither questioning how such need could have grown from the short time they'd known each other during the tournament. They only knew that now, in this moment, they needed to be together.

Johnny drew Rayden from the bathroom, his hands pulling at the man's robes and tossing them to the floor. Smooth skin greeted his questing hands. Everywhere he touched Rayden a little shiver of energy went through him, reminding Johnny that this man was in fact the god of thunder and lightening.

Rayden waited until he'd been stripped of his own tunics before tugging at the buttons of Johnny's shirt. He managed to get most of them undone, though one or two popped off and clattered, unnoticed, to the floor.

Tearing his lips from Johnny's, Rayden licked soothingly at the quickly healing vampire bite on the mortal's neck before lowering his mouth to capture one of the blond man's nipple in his mouth. Johnny cried out a arched into the caress, his efforts to free Rayden of his pants momentarily stalled.

Little shocks of energy radiated through Johnny's body from the aching point of pleasure where Rayden suckled at his chest. After a few trembling moments he gathered enough coordination to push the god's pants from his hips. Rayden lifted his mouth to kiss Johnny quickly before stepping out of the trousers and subjecting the other nipple to the same sweet torture.

Johnny's hands slid from Rayden's hips around to caress his ass and his rock hard cock throbbed to remind him there was a hell of a lot more they could do than this. Feeling his knees begin to go, Johnny stumbled back a few steps, managing to fall onto the bed. He brought Rayden down with him, gasping as the impact trapped his cock between two warm, sweaty bodies.

"God, Ray..." he moaned, grinding his hips against the god almost desperately.

Rayden shifted atop Johnny and the blond spread his thighs, allowing his lover to settle between them. Bracing himself on one hand, Rayden leaned up and claimed another kiss. He thrust his tongue into and out of Johnny's mouth, delighting in the small whimpers and moans of the man beneath him.

Johnny reached down and stroked Rayden's length, a smile tugging at his lips as a shudder ran through the god. He matched the rhythm Rayden set with his tongue. When the god thrust, Johnny stroked.

Rayden found himself kissing as he wanted to be touched, breaking the caress only long enough to gasp in air every now and then. He was trembling on the edge of release when Johnny broke the kiss and gasped out, "Wait!" Rayden braced himself on hands and knees above his lover, shaking with the effort of holding back, breathing deeply for a measure of control. When he would have drawn away, Johnny held him close with a teasing hand on his ass. So Rayden waited as his lover reached with the other hand and fished a tube out of the bedside table.

Johnny pressed the lube into Rayden's hand. "Please?" he asked, a little breathless with want. Rayden accepted the tube wordlessly and settled back on his heels to prepare his lover.

Johnny moaned deeply and tilted his hips eagerly as the first finger brushed against the opening to his body. Rayden gripped one of Johnny's bent knees as he thrust his fingers into and out of the other man, clinging desperately to his control. He wanted to come inside Johnny, not on the damned sheets.

Johnny pushed back against two fingers, screaming in pleasure as they brushed his prostate lightly. "Oh, Christ, Ray, now! Please..." he moaned, the words testing Rayden's fragile control. "I can't wait...need you..."

Rayden withdrew his fingers and Johnny moaned, thrusting his hips towards his lover in anticipation. The god thrust slowly into the actor, sheathing himself in one long, torturous stroke. They waited for a moment, Johnny whimpering as the slight pain gave way to intense pleasure, Rayden struggling to hold back from his climax.

Almost simultaneously they began a gentle, rocking rhythm. Their hips moved together, shallow movements slowly building intensity until Rayden was plunging into his lover. Every time he buried his cock in Johnny's ass they cried out together until finally it was too much, too good. Johnny came hard, calling Rayden's name. He pulled the god over the edge with him, and they lay trembling with release in each other's arms for long moments.

Johnny stroked Rayden's thigh absently as they drifted off into satiated sleep. His last waking thought was to hope Rayden didn't mind too much about the movie...