The Tattoo

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Author's Notes: I haven't seen the second Mortal Kombat, and I have no intention of ever doing so. So this fic agrees with the first movie, but pays no attention to anything that happened in the second, or in the TV series. Also, I use no betas. All mistakes are mine.

Acknowledgments: Many thanks to Kalia, who gave me this plot bunny, and BlackRose, who supported me through my first attempt at writing in front of an audience. General thanks to the IRC crew, for their technical support. *g*

Bright, warm sunlight awoke Johnny. He blinked his eyes open and enjoyed waking up slowly. Propping himself up on one elbow, he grinned down at the man that lay beside him. Rayden was still asleep, sprawled comfortably on his stomach.

Johnny didn't know if the god had chosen his form or if he had been born, but either way he was beautiful. Rayden stirred as his lover placed a hand lightly on his lower back, but didn't wake. Johnny smiled gently and caressed the smooth, warm skin. He drew his palm slowly up Rayden's back, bringing his hand to rest between the god's shoulder blades.

Reaching out his thumb, Johnny brushed the digit over the vibrant green tattoo that decorated Rayden's right shoulder blade. The lines that formed the dragon twisted together intricately, forming spines and ridges and other small details. The other times he'd seen it, Johnny had been appreciate the artistry of the design. Now he leaned close and saw the delicately flared nostrils, the spark in the creature's eye. One of its clawed feet was raised, as if in defense or blessing.

Johnny lightly traced the line of spines down the back of the dragon and around the edge of the curled tail. Rayden stirred in his sleep and murmured his lover's name. Johnny stroked his hair, easing him deeper into sleep, and continued studying the tattoo.

Clawed feet seemed to grip Rayden's skin, and hundreds of tiny scales made the design seem like it was about to come to life. Whoever had rendered such a fantastic creature with such realism was truly an artist.

Johnny placed a kiss in the center of the design, and this time when Rayden stirred he did not calm his slumber. Instead, he moved to place another kiss at the nape of the other man's neck. Returning to the tattoo, Johnny laid a wetter kiss there. Then another, lower on Rayden's back. Another, on his tailbone.

Rayden woke then, and murmured, "That's a nice way to wake up."

"Good to know you don't take me for granted," Johnny replied, still smiling. "Now relax."

"Don't I look relaxed?" Rayden asked, his voice still soft with sleep.

"You look...tempting."

"That's my job," Rayden grinned a little, eyes drifting open. "To tempt poor mortals into sin."

"Job well done," Johnny said quietly, kissing the god's tailbone again as he reached for the bottle on the nightstand.

Johnny drizzled the sun-warmed oil onto Rayden's back, letting it pool there. He set the bottle aside and dragged his fingers through the golden puddle. Rayden sighed and lazily bent one leg, allowing Johnny's fingers to wander further.

Teasingly, the younger man let his hand slide between the cheeks of Rayden's ass, his oil-slick fingers drifting over the opening to the other man's body. Rayden hummed his approval, seeming content with the slow caresses. Johnny traced the pucker with one finger, making it shine with oil. Then he slipped one finger inside, just to the first knuckle. Rayden murmured a protest, his hips lifting from the bed. Johnny placed a firm hand on his back and pressed him back down. Slowly, so slowly, Johnny sank the finger deeper inside, ignoring Rayden's occasional murmured pleas.

If the other man had been relaxed before, he was not now. His whole body hummed with tension, though he somehow kept the ring that clasped Johnny's finger relaxed. Leaning down, Johnny kissed Rayden's back again and a second finger joined the first, its entry only marginally faster.

"Johnny," Rayden moaned, desire and just a touch of frustration coloring his tone.

The younger man was rock hard and aching for release, but he was enjoying himself too much to hurry now. Still, he slid from his place at Rayden's side to lay atop his back, his cock pressed against his lover's ass.

An anticipatory shiver ran through the god's frame, and Johnny grinned a little. He rolled his hips a little, his hardness sliding between slick cheeks but not pressing within. After a slightly choked plea, Johnny indulged Rayden - and himself - and eased just the head into his lover. He paused for a moment, regaining control, before moving again. At last Johnny could enter no further, and he laid his head against Rayden's back and kissed the tattoo on his shoulder blade.

The younger man slowly withdrew a little and then slid back into the passage. Another slow stroke, and Rayden pushed back against Johnny, attempting to quicken the pace. Johnny refused to be rushed, but he did shift position slightly so that he brushed against Rayden's prostate with each thrust.

The tension in the god built slowly but steadily, until his whole body hummed with need. Trembling with his own desire for release, Johnny reached beneath his lover and closed one hand about Rayden's cock.

That was all it took. Rayden came screaming, taking Johnny over the edge with him. Slowly the two men relaxed, the younger man still draped over Rayden's back. Smiling with satisfaction, Johnny kissed the dragon tattoo once more.

"Is that what brought this on?" the god asked, his voice still a little rough.

"Yeah," Johnny murmured into his ear.

"I'll remember that," Rayden replied, smiling.