Bedtime Reading

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Author's Notes: Not betaed.

The bathroom door creaked as it swung open and Tony quickly shoved the book and marker he was holding between the mattress and box spring. He rolled onto his back and stretched out, lacing his fingers together behind his head and grinning at Gibbs as he entered the bedroom.

"What was the book?" Gibbs asked casually, circling around the side of the bed instead of climbing onto it with Tony.

Tony tried not to show the panic on his face. ", porn," he said, trying for sheepish. He'd have preferred a more innocent lie, but what other kind of book would he stuff under the mattress?

Gibbs snorted. "You wouldn't hide your porn," he returned. "Hell, I think we've been through most of it together already." Gibbs reached down to feel under the mattress.

"We haven't been through most of it!" Tony protested, trying in vain to keep Gibbs's hands away from the book. Gibbs removed one hand from the fray and ran it up the inside of Tony's leg. The warm, strong caress fractured Tony's attention momentarily...just long enough for Gibbs to find the book and yank it out from under the mattress.

He looked at the cover and frowned. "The Gay Kama Sutra? Why would you hide this?" He idly flipped it open as he spoke and Tony groaned and covered his face with his hands.

There was a moment of silence.

"Tony. You've been checking off positions?"

Tony moaned in embarrassment before uncovering his face. "That would be what the big black check marks mean, yeah."

Gibbs, thank God, didn't look angry. Just confused and a little amused. Make that a lot amused. "Why?"

Tony blushed bright red despite himself. "I, uh, kind of always wanted to be able to say I'd done them all," he admitted.

Gibbs started chuckling and paging through the book more quickly. "I'm surprised," he said. "I thought we'd covered more ground."

"I can't help it if I have a couple of favorites," Tony answered, his blush slowly starting to fade.

"But tonight you were hoping to try something new." Gibbs lifted his gaze from the book and ran it over Tony slowly.

Tony shivered. "I thought it was worth a try." He stretched invitingly.

Gibbs smiled and tossed the book on the bed next to Tony. A momentary surge of disappointment surged through Tony before Gibbs held out his hand. "I think a change of location is in order," he said. "Bring the lube."

Tony retrieved the bottle from under the pillow and, taking Gibbs's hand, let himself be pulled to his feet. He followed Gibbs out of the bedroom eagerly. It couldn't be the shower; they'd done shower sex already. Maybe sitting on this couch? Bent over the couch? Why hadn't they done those two already? Tony started to grow aroused just thinking about the possibilities.

But Gibbs led him into the dining room instead of the living room. The dining room, with the dining room table. Gibbs eyed it speculatively. "About the right height," he said. He pulled Tony around in front of him and patted the smooth, varnished surface. "Hop up."

Tony turned his back to the table and pushed experimentally on the surface, just in case. He didn't feel any give, never mind a wobble, so he hopped up as instructed and spread his legs to give Gibbs space.

Gibbs stepped between his knees, resting his hands on Tony's thighs as he leaned in for a slow, soft kiss. Tony hummed happily into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Gibbs and reveling in the solid presence of the man.

After a moment Gibbs started letting his hands wander, sometimes lingering on the spots that made Tony gasp into the unending kiss, sometimes skimming over them teasingly. Tony finally pulled back from the kiss with a groan. "Enough teasing!" he insisted. He pulled Gibbs a little closer, pressing his aching cock against Gibbs's belly. "I'm ready."

Gibbs chuckled. "That's not the part of you I need ready," he said, wrapping one hand around Tony's cock and stroking lightly. Too lightly. The throb of need seemed to echo through Tony's whole body.

"You need to do a little work to get the other part ready," Tony said, a little breathless.

"Oh, I've seen you take care of it all by yourself," Gibbs countered, smirking. "But not today." He put a hand in the center of Tony's chest and pushed. "Lie back."

Tony eased himself down to lie on the cool wood of the table and tilted his head a bit to look up at Gibbs, who was watching with dark eyes. "Beautiful," Gibbs murmured, running his hands up Tony's legs and over his chest for a moment.

"You planning to take advantage?" Tony asked, his voice a little rough. He trailed a hand down his stomach, past Gibbs's and slowly stroked his own cock. To his surprise, Gibbs didn't try to stop him, just watched, his breath growing visibly faster.

When he reached for the lube Gibbs didn't take his eyes off Tony, just found the bottle by memory and slicked his fingers without shifting his gaze from Tony's flushed cock and the hand that fisted it. Tony could only meet that hot gaze for a moment before he let his eyes fall shut, his hand stilling as he focused on the familiar stretch of Gibbs's fingers sliding into his body.

"God, that's good," Tony moaned, licking his lips in enjoyment. "Nice, slow stretch." Gibbs curled his fingers and Tony's body clenched involuntarily, bright heat flaring along his nerves. "Again," Tony gasped, tightening his grip on his cock. Gibbs obliged and Tony moaned deeply, his hand sliding over his own aching dick.

Gibbs twisted and thrust his fingers deep into Tony, teasing Tony's arousal higher as much as stretching him open. By the time he withdrew them Tony was panting and struggling to relax, his muscles wound tight with need. Gibbs's hands sliding down his legs, lifting them to rest his ankles on Gibbs's shoulders, left his skin tingling, a counterpoint to the ache of anticipation in his cock and ass that was almost sharp.

Hot, blunt pressure at Tony's hole prompted a sudden string of "yes" and "please" and "now" and thank God Gibbs was feeling obliging tonight, because the hot, sweet slide of his cock into Tony's body was perfect, was just exactly what Tony desperately needed at that moment. Tony moaned loudly as Gibbs moved deep inside him, so deep and full.

Gibbs stopped there, unmoving. Tony pried his eyes open because he certainly didn't feel the need to wait. The expression on Gibbs's face made Tony's breath catch in his throat. Gibbs's eyes were clenched shut, his chin lifted a little, his jaw tight. He visibly struggled for control.

"Gibbs," Tony said hoarsely, unable to help himself. Gibbs's eyes snapped open. "Oh, God," Tony whimpered, but for all the razor-edged hunger in Gibbs's eyes, he didn't just start pounding wildly. Instead his thrusts were measured, powerful movements.

Tony couldn't seem to look away from Gibbs now that he'd opened his eyes. Their gazes remained locked together, sharing every gasp of pleasure, every flash of heat or need in their expressions.

Eventually Tony started stroking his cock again, holding himself to Gibbs's pace. His body ached sweetly at the stretch of Gibbs's cock opening him, each withdrawal leaving Tony shuddering with longing to have it back. Each thrust drove Tony just a little closer to completion, the kind of steady build that he didn't usually have the patience for.

But tonight felt different. Tonight Tony was hungry, needy, but not urgent. Tonight he wanted to savor the climb as much as he wanted the explosion of climax. He lay spread on the table and abandoned himself to the slow swell of pleasure.

When he finally came it was a long, rolling wave of sensation that seemed to go on and on, far longer than usual. It left Tony gasping for breath, feeling a little stunned. Only a deep, rough moan from Gibbs brought Tony's focus back.

"Come on, Gibbs," Tony urged, voice thick with satisfaction. "Let go."

Gibbs clenched his eyes shut and buried himself deep inside Tony, his body shuddering as hot, tight moans of completion tore themselves from his lips. Tony drank in the sight. God, Gibbs was incredible when he came.

When Gibbs was steady on his feet again and Tony was feeling capable of moving they pulled apart and Gibbs helped Tony squirm awkwardly down off the table. "That's one disadvantage of that one," Tony said wryly afterward, rubbing his hip where it had scraped painfully over the edge of the table on the way down. "You can't just roll over and go to sleep."

"Maybe not," Gibbs said. "But I think it was worth it."

Tony licked his lips at the memory. "Yeah." Then he grinned again. "And hey, no wet spot!"

"Not on the bed, anyway," Gibbs said dryly.

Tony glanced at the somewhat smeared table and snickered. "Okay, that settles it," he said, a glint coming into his eyes. "We are definitely having everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner this year."

"If you bring our sex life up while we're at that table--" Gibbs began threateningly.

"Would I do that?" Tony asked innocently.

Gibbs just snorted.