Five Kinds of Kisses Gibbs and Tony Share

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

1. The first kiss

It would probably make a better story if Tony could say that his first kiss with Gibbs was nothing like he imagined it would be. Hotter, sweeter, better, whatever, any of them would sound more exciting. But the truth is, their first kiss was exactly like he imagined it.

He was completely terrified. His gut was twisted up into a knot, his palms were sweating, he was pretty sure his wide eyes made him look like a deer caught in the headlights, and the way that Gibbs barked, "Jesus Christ, DiNozzo! What the hell is wrong with you?" did nothing at all to set Tony at ease.

But he'd wanted Gibbs for a long time, longer than he'd ever wanted anyone before, regardless of whether or not he eventually got them. So, after the first couple of years, when he realized that this feeling wasn't going to go away if he ignored it hard enough, he'd promised himself that when he got his own team, when Gibbs wasn't his boss anymore, he was damn well going to do something about it.

At the time the prospect of getting his own team had seemed impossibly far in the future. Hell, the idea of still wanting Gibbs by the time he got his own team seemed wildly unlikely. But the Director had made the offer a month ago, and Tony had accepted three weeks ago, and he'd chosen his team members two weeks ago, and they'd closed their first case together last night, which meant there was no putting it off any longer: it was time to keep his promise.

So he dragged himself to Gibbs's house and knocked on his door until the man answered. After taking a couple of seconds--okay, maybe a couple of minutes--to work up his courage, Tony took Gibbs's face in his hands and leaned in and kissed him.

It was stiff and awkward and Tony was too scared of it continuing to be stiff and awkward to give it a chance to get better, so it was also short. When he pulled back and looked at Gibbs, all but holding his breath, Gibbs's expression was completely inscrutable. For a moment. Then he broke into a smirk and said, "Took you long enough."

"Oh, you bastard," Tony said vehemently. Gibbs just laughed and pulled him in again.

The second kiss was much better.

2. The "shut up" kiss

Tony wonders sometimes if Gibbs expected him to calm down now that they aren't working together and are sleeping together. Not that he goes on long rambles, the way Ducky does, or babbles, the way Abby does, but his mouth is a big part of the reason he used to get smacked so often.

Used to get smacked, because these days Gibbs has a different way of shutting him up. It doesn't take long after Tony starts running his mouth before Gibbs grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him into a hard, rough kiss.

Gibbs's fingers always clench in Tony's hair when he kisses him to shut him up. The pull on his scalp hurts, but just a bit, just enough. Gibbs always kisses with tongue when he wants Tony quiet, as if he needs to keep Tony's mouth as thoroughly occupied as possible. And Gibbs always pauses for just a moment after pulling back, still holding onto Tony's hair, as if to check to make sure it worked.

Tony always actually does shut up afterward, and it's only partly because he finds it difficult to form words when he's that turned on.

After all, if it didn't work, Gibbs might stop doing it.

3. The sneak attack kiss

Tony has discovered that Gibbs has an...interesting habit when it comes to his lovers. Or maybe it's just Tony, he has no way of knowing, but either way it was an unexpected discovery.

Gibbs likes to surprise Tony when he kisses him. The first time he did it Tony was reading a file as he stepped onto the elevator. The doors closed, the elevator jerked to a start and then to a stop, and someone seized Tony's arm, making him drop the file.

"Hey--!" he snapped, but before he could even look up to see who'd grabbed him he was pulled up against a very familiar body and being kissed within an inch of his life.

God, that kiss. It was hot and wet and eager and when Tony relaxed and pressed up against Gibbs he realized that Gibbs was already hard. Feeling that inarguable evidence of desire, Tony couldn't resist sliding a leg between Gibbs's thighs and rubbing just a little harder. Gibbs groaned into the kiss, his hands flexing on Tony's arm and hip, and Tony just didn't care that they were making out in the elevator.

As aroused as he was, it was Gibbs who eventually broke the kiss, though he didn't pull away much. "We should get back to work," he said hoarsely.

Tony slowly stepped back from Gibbs and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. "You're going to go back to work like that?" he asked skeptically.

Gibbs managed to get himself and his body under control, a feat that still impresses Tony at times. "It'll keep," he said, and shot Tony a look that sent shivers down his spine.

4. The needy kiss

Gibbs isn't the kind of man who easily admits to needing anything. Well, not anything important, anyway. And it's not that he won't admit to needing the important things, it just isn't easy. Which is probably why Tony finds the slightest sign of genuine need from the man such an unbelievable turn on. Unfortunately, most of the circumstances that reduce Gibbs to need are wildly inappropriate times to be aroused.

But there is one exception.

Usually, when they're in bed together, Tony is the one who gets reduced to a whimpering wreck, incoherent with lust and inarticulately cursing the too-slow progress of Gibbs's tongue and hands. But every now and then he manages to get momentum on his side and then it's Gibbs who's clutching at the bedcovers and panting, eyes clenched shut, his whole body flushed.

Sometimes when Gibbs gets like that Tony can't help but stop and stare for a minute and revel in the knowledge that he did that to Gibbs. And if he pauses a little too long in his appreciation of the moment, sometimes Gibbs's eyes snap open and he growls something like, "I'm not getting any younger here, DiNozzo," and reaches up to jerk Tony down into an impatient, demanding, shamelessly needy kiss.

When Gibbs kisses him like that, Tony falls apart. He'd do anything to fill that need, give Gibbs anything he wanted to satisfy it. He gets urgent to slake it, desperate. But so is Gibbs, so it's all good.

5. The secret kiss

Tony still isn't sure if Gibbs still believes Tony is always asleep when Gibbs does it. On the one hand, Gibbs doesn't miss much. On the other hand, he didn't seem to want Tony to know he does this. Surely he wouldn't keep doing it if he knew Tony now wakes up every time.

Tony doesn't know when Gibbs started doing it. He only knows that one morning the shifting of the bed as Gibbs climbed out woke him and, before he woke up enough to so much as mutter or open his eyes, he felt the soft touch of lips at his temple.

"I love you," Gibbs said, so quietly Tony would have doubted Gibbs had spoken at all if he hadn't felt the warm puff of breath.

He might not know how many of those quiet declarations he's missed, but he knows he never wants them to stop. So he lies quiet when the brush of lips wakes him and holds in the grin until Gibbs leaves the bedroom in search of coffee.

But once Gibbs is gone Tony rolls onto his back and stretches and grins.

The best secrets are shared secrets.