by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Author's Notes: In my personal opinion, a limerick isn't a limerick unless it's dirty. But I had fun writing the clean ones regardless.

Gibbs started out with three wives.
None of whom had lost their lives.
But the powers got bored,
Put canon to the sword,
And wife number four soon arrives.

The boys thought they were being discreet,
So careful of when 'n how they would meet.
'Til the Director stepped in
And said, with a grin,
"Don't worry, I think it's quite sweet."

Tony enjoys a good fuck.
Gibbs prefers him to suck.
So they take turns in bed
Between giving Gibbs head
And riding Tony until he's awestruck.

Tony adores Gibbs's cock
Most of all when it's hard as a rock
But soft is nice, too.
Like after a screw
So good that he can't even talk.