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by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

There were a few places that Abby had never expected to see Gibbs, and a mixed dance club was definitely one of them. Not that he was homophobic or anything, but, well...it was a dance club. And it was Gibbs. Dancing, especially to modern music, was not something Abby associated with bossman. But there he was, in what was obviously the closest thing to clubbing wear that he owned--blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

At least he wasn't actually dancing. That would have been a little more cognitive dissonance than her brain could handle right now. No, Gibbs had someone up against the wall of the club--presumably whoever had hauled him out dancing in the first place--and they were going at it pretty intensely, kissing like there was no tomorrow.

Abby craned her neck, trying to lay eyes on Gibbs's partner, but his body was blocking her view. Brow wrinklng in determination, Abby slipped through the crowd, trying to work herself around for a better angle. Whoever it was, they were enjoying themselves, if the hands on Gibbs's ass were any indication.

Wait a second.

Those were a guy's hands.

Wildly curious now, Abby pushed her way around and through a few knots of people and finally came up against the bar. Any guy that could get Gibbs to play for the other team had to be something special. Turning, Abby peered through the crowd just in time to catch Gibbs pulling back from the guy. Her jaw dropped. His back flush with the wall, Tony grinned at Gibbs with kiss swollen lips and sparkling eyes. He said something that was lost in the noise of crowd and the pounding music, but whatever it was, it got him kissed again.

Abby was transfixed. Gibbs was kissing Tony like he wanted to eat him alive, like he was ready to make him come right there in club. Tony's eyes were closed now, his head tilted a little, his mouth open to Gibbs's hungry caresses. Just looking at him Abby could see how responsive he was, how he opened up under every touch of Gibbs's hands. His hands on Gibbs's ass kneaded almost absently, pulling the older man's hips up against his own until they were grinding together.

Hurriedly, Abby fought her way back to the entrance of the club just as she'd fought her way to the bar. She stepped out into the cold night air and shivered despite the jacket that she'd never taken off. Her pulse beat through her whole body. Between her legs she felt hot and tight. Leaning back against the front of the club, Abby closed her eyes, took a long, cool breath and tried to calm down.

God, just from the way they kissed she could imagine what they'd be like together. Tony on his hands and knees, thighs spread wide, and Gibbs pushing into him. Tony's head would be hanging down like it was too much effort to hold it up and he'd be pushing back against Gibbs, impatient and panting open-mouthed for what Gibbs was giving him.

She could almost hear the way Tony would moan, the little chuckle from Gibbs as he held things to his own pace, made Tony wait for it. Maybe even make him beg for it. Yeah, she could see that, Tony slick with sweat and shaking with want, so hungry to be fucked he'd say anything, do anything if Gibbs would just give it to him.

Abby pushed herself off the wall and headed for her car. She needed to be home. Now.