Untitled 2

by Nix
(crimsonquills AT gmail DOT com)

Tony cursed and fumbled the sketchpad, almost dropping it. Shifting it into his right hand with the pencil, he scowled at the papercut scoring the base of his thumb. Blood welled up slowly out of the thin slice. Sealing his mouth over it, Tony sucked a little on the painful cut.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked from across the crime scene. "Now is not the time for a break."

"Cut myself, boss," Tony called back placatingly, but by the time he looked up Gibbs was already on his way over. Tony sighed and dropped his eyes to the papercut. It was still bleeding.

Gibbs arrived at Tony's side and seized his hand. "Again?"

"Yeah," Tony said, watching in bemusement as Gibbs reached into his pocket and produced a bandaid. "When did you start carrying around first aid supplies?"

"When you started playing pin cushion," Gibbs said, but his brisk tone was at odd with the gentle touch of his hands on Tony's. He held Tony still as he pulled the bandaid firmly across the fleshy ball of his thumb.

Tony watched, strangely absorbed by the way Gibbs's fingers curled around his. A smile quirked the corner of his mouth. "You going to kiss it better for me?" he asked under his breath.

The tightness of Gibbs's lips told Tony that he was fighting down a smile of his own. "Later," he promised. He let go of Tony's hand, now spotted with three different bandaids. "You let me know how many I owe you."

Tony grinned as Gibbs moved away.

Maybe a couple more papercuts could be arranged.