Stargate Atlantis

The Dangers Inherent in Consuming Alien Comestibles
Size: 8KB
Date Posted: April 1, 2005
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Summary: McKay has a little... reaction to something he ate.

The Good, the Bad, and the Disaster
Size: 13KB
Date Posted: September 21, 2004
Genre/Pairing: Pre-Slash, Beckett/McKay
Rating: G
Summary: Rodney has a bad day. Carson appears with hot chocolate.

Size: 11KB
Date Posted: December 4, 2004
Genre/Pairing: Slash, Beckett/McKay
Rating: G
Summary: Everyone was allowed to bring one personal item to Atlantis. Rodney lied about his.

Size: 9KB
Date Posted: February 13, 2005
Genre/Pairing: Slash, Beckett/McK
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes Carson was sure that everyone had forgotten that he wasn't actually an ER doctor.